If you’re in the process of choosing your wedding venue, you might be wondering if attending an open house is worth your time. You might have even looked at many venues online and have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for.

But there are several benefits to attending an open house that you might not have considered. And remember that one of the essential parts of wedding planning is choosing the perfect venue.

We say this because it sets the tone for the entire event! So, here are five reasons why your wedding venue should have an open house!



  • You’ll Be Able to See the Venue in Person

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of attending an open house, but it’s also one of the most important.

Seeing a venue in person can give you a better sense of its size, layout, and atmosphere than looking at photos online.


  • You’ll Be Able to Meet the Venue’s Staff

If you’re planning to have your wedding at a particular venue, it’s important to ensure that you get along with the staff. Attending an open house is an excellent opportunity to meet the staff and feel for their personalities.


  • You’ll Be Able to Ask Questions

When you’re looking at venues online, it can be challenging to know what all of your options are. Attending an open house gives you the chance to ask questions and get more information about the venue.


  • You’ll Be Able to Compare Multiple Venues Side-By-Side

If you’re considering multiple venues, attending open houses can be a great way to compare them. In addition, seeing multiple venues in person will help you narrow down your options and decide.


  • You Might Find Some Great Deals

Many venues offer discounts or other incentives to couples who book their weddings during an open house.

That means that you could save money on your venue if you attend an open house and book your wedding date then and there.


Open houses are a great opportunity to learn more about potential wedding venues. If you’re in the process of choosing a venue, be sure to ask if the venue has any upcoming open houses. It might just be worth your while to attend!

The Lavender Manor is a gorgeous wedding and event venue on Wild Rose Prairie. There’s so much variety awaiting you at our venue, and we can’t wait for you to explore them all: for example, the four creamy sites you can choose from. Each of them offers you something unique!

Of course, no wedding is complete without timeless wedding pictures, and our wedding venue offers perfect backdrops for this! Imagine holding your loved one and beaming at the camera with the ancient Mt. Spokane rising behind you. And regardless of which ceremony site you choose, you and your guests will still be able to appreciate and enjoy this view.

By th way, the Lavender Manor has something special for you coming up next month. We’re hosting dinner and dancing at our open house! On Friday, the 13th of May, we open our doors to you and your loved ones. Join us for an evening of delectable food and fun dancing at our venue!

Just know on that day, you’ll be stepping into an updated and renovated wedding venue. Hence, you have the chance to experience this fantastic event before anyone else.

The price for one entry is $18.00, which comes with one buffet meal and a group dance lesson at the event. We don’t want to oversell how fun this open house will be, but the buffet will be catered by one of our favorite partner caterers!

This open house is a chance for you to sample several dishes you can have served at your wedding. It’s also an opportunity to see why the Lavender Manor is the perfect place to host your Washington wedding. Click here to contact us today!