It’s your big day! So, everything has to be perfect, including the signage! One advantage of booking a large wedding venue is the abundance of options of where to place signage. Here are five places you need to ensure beautiful, eye-catching signage!




  • The Entrance

Guests should be able to find the entrance to your venue quickly. We’ll make sure the sign is large and visible from a distance.


  • The Ceremony Site

Your ceremony site should have signs that match the theme of the wedding venue. For example, wooden signs are perfect for our venue because we have rustic décor elements and sections aplenty.


  • The Reception Area

Guests will need to know where the reception is taking place. So, we’ll make sure the sign is large and visible.


  • The Dance Floor

Let guests know where the dance floor is to get their groove on! The fun, colorful sign we’ll use will be perfect for this.


  • The Exit

We’ll ensure your exit sign is clear and easy to find so guests can leave the venue easily at the night’s end.


These are great places you can use for your wedding signage, but the wedding venue you hang or place them in matters more than anything else. Why do we say that?

Signs are lovely, but if you want something that will make your wedding a truly memorable affair, book a grand wedding venue to complement everything else. A venue like the Lavender Manor!

The Lavender Manor is a wedding and event center bathed in beauty and bordered by natural beauty. With vast fields of lavender and ancient mountains forming incredibly unique backdrops and adding a stunning and ethereal look to your wedding, there’s no other wedding venue like us.

Going back to signage, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. And of the four choices you have for your ceremony, we recommend you try Brighton Hall. It stole the hearts of many couples before you, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with it too! But that doesn’t mean you can’t move to the other reception areas we offer.

Brighton Hall is an indoor reception dancehall that can accommodate over 100 guests or less. There’s so much to say about this place, but we must mention the stunning view of our distillation area. It’s another element that makes Brighton Hall something to marvel at and appreciate.

Brighton Hall is also the perfect place for couples who have a theme and want it to be reflected in every aspect of their wedding décor and design. For example, our lovely light curtains can be set to align with your wedding or event theme by changing the colors! And the wooden walls, dimmable lights, chandeliers, and more all make for a space that’s as unique as it is lovely.

You’ll find the Lavender Manor in Spokane, Deer Park, Post Falls, and the Coeur D’Alene area. If you want an elevated experience on the most important day of your life, book the most unique wedding and event venue on the Wild Rose Prairie. Let us help you celebrate a day so beautiful and so wonderful. Click here to contact us today!