The dream of a lavender farm venue began in 2010, and now, over 12 years later, we’re all living that dream!

We’re now a manor, and although the Lavender Manor was built to give couples a luxurious place to celebrate a wedding that’s unique to them, it’s also our pride and joy. We thus added personal touches to our venue to mark all those years of hard work spent to build it.

I am Sandra Shuff, the venue director, bartender, and event coordinator. One way I wanted to mark this beautiful venue was to name the ceremony spots after places and characters after my heart in Jane Austin’s novels. And that’s how the name “Lady Catherine Palace” was born!

It’s a gorgeous place further beautified by scenic views of the Wild Rose Prairie and Mt. Spokane rising in the background. And while this site is one of the loveliest places to host a wedding ceremony at Deer Park, have you considered what the seating arrangements will look like? You must use the right chart if you want everyone to be comfortable and have a good time!

So, if you aim to book Lady Catherine Place for your ceremony, we have some tips for choosing the perfect seating chart!



  • The Venue’s Size

First of all, take into account the size of the site. You must ensure everyone has enough space to move around and that there are no overcrowded areas.


  • The Room’s Layout

Think about the place’s layout and how you want people to be seated. For example, consider having multiple tables or assigning specific seats if you have a large guest list. This way, everyone will know where they’re supposed to be, and there won’t be any confusion.


  • The Wedding Party

It’s also important to consider the wedding party when planning the seating chart. Have them seated in a way that makes them easily accessible to you and that they’ll be comfortable during the reception.


  • Leave Empty Seats

Finally, don’t forget to leave some empty seats! This way, people can move around if they need to, giving you some flexibility in case someone can’t make it to the wedding.


Lady Catherine Place was built with all these in mind. For example, it’s large enough for over 500 guests, so you won’t have any problems with space. You have a choice of ceremony alter too. And Lady Catherine Place is just one of four sites for your ceremony and reception! So, where can you find us? Where is the Lavender Manor?

You’ll find us steeped in lush fields of Lavender at the heart of the Spokane, Deer Park, Post Falls, and Coeur d’Alene area! Our gorgeous wedding and event venue is Lavender Manor. This name draws smiles and evokes fond memories and feelings of warmth for those who’ve set foot in our venue.

If you’re still looking for an impossibly unique wedding and event venue on Wild Rose Prairie, stop searching because you’ve found it!

So, what do you want in a wedding venue; what’s your ideal venue? Perhaps a large structure ringed by eternal flowers? There are over 40 acres of green forest, purple lavender fields, and bright natural grasses for you to use in any way at our venue. And you can’t find better backdrops for your wedding photos than the beauty nature offers you at Lavender Manor.

So, picture this: you, in your dream dress, saying “I do” in a venue rising in ethereal fields of lush Lavender, set off by the dreamiest mountainous view ever. Tell us that doesn’t sound like something straight out of a fairytale!

Contact us now, and see how our venue staff and coordinators can breathe life into your dream wedding!

If you have any other questions about seating arrangements or anything related to your wedding at Lady Catherine Place, our team would be happy to assist you.