When booking a venue for your wedding, it stands to reason for you to book a place that can accommodate all of your needs. A large and lovely venue that can host multiple events is an excellent option for couples who want to celebrate their weddings in style. We say this for several reasons, and we’ll explain a few below!



  • Friendly and Experienced Staff

When you book a venue that can host multiple events, expect the staff to be experienced in planning and executing all types of events, so your wedding will be in good hands.

You’ll also rest easy knowing the staff can handle any last-minute changes and unexpected matters that may arise.


  • Numerous Event Spaces

A versatile venue will have a variety of event spaces to choose from. That allows you to find the perfect space for your wedding, whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large celebration.


  • Built-In Amenities

Booking a multi-purpose venue often includes amenities and services, such as catering, audio/visual equipment through our DJ partner vendor, and furniture. That takes care of some of your wedding logistics so you can focus on making the most of the day!


  • Synergy with Vendors

A venue experienced in hosting multiple events will likely have a good relationship with other vendors in the area. So they can help you find trusted suppliers for DJ, catering, and photography services.

And if you can book a venue with partnered vendors whose services are bundled with the venue packages, even better!


But where do you find such a venue? A place that’s no stranger to hosting both formal and informal events? A structure erected to accommodate as few as a dozen or as many as 400 guests? A manor built to give you something different to enable you to celebrate a unique and beautiful event you’ll forever cherish? You’ll find the answers to all these in the Lavender Manor, a wedding and event venue in Washington painted with natural beauty!

You can find us making clients happy in Spokane, Deer Park, Post Falls, and the Coeur D’Alene area. And even if you plan to elope or celebrate a destination wedding, we would love to have you! Our venue offers everything you and your guests could need for a memorable destination wedding.

The Lavender Manor is the perfect place to host any event that holds meaning for you. You can book our venue for classy corporate meetings, workshops, school dances, weddings, or baby showers. And our venue is always ready to host birthday parties, family reunions, wakes or memorials, and any event special to you.

The Lavender Manor rests atop a sea of lavender, with a lovely forest and natural grasses, further consolidating the natural beauty that’s one of the highlights of our venue. But more than that, you’ll get exceptional services that make your wedding a smooth and pleasant affair.

There will be event coordinators assisting you and even providing the event timeline. You’ll also get tables, chairs, and our catalog of décor items perfect for setting up lovely centerpieces and even teardown and cleanup once the celebration is over.

Book the Lavender Manor for your next event, and you can get all these and much more. All you have to worry about is enjoying yourself; we’ll handle the rest! Contact us today!