It’s the second to last week of the month, and we’ll end it with a new series: Reasons To Book The Lavender Manor For Your Wedding!

Today, we’re going to talk about wedding rehearsals. Our venue offers a wedding rehearsal for your big day as part of our wedding packages. It’s an opportunity to walk through the ceremony and get a feel for the space and how everything will flow on the big day.

Rehearsals are a great way to ensure everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect. They can also help to calm nerves and alleviate any last-minute worries. Here are some reasons why you should take advantage of our wedding rehearsal!



  • It allows you to walk through the ceremony and feel the space. This is necessary because you’ll be well prepared and know where everyone and everything is supposed to be.


  • It helps ensure everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect. So, the vendors, friends, and family helping you will also know their roles.


  • It can help to calm nerves and alleviate any last-minute worries. Going through the wedding activities and rituals beforehand will prepare you for the real thing, so you won’t be as anxious or nervous anymore.


  • It’s an excellent opportunity to practice your vows and ensure everything is perfect for the big day. So, you’ll speak your vows and best prepare for the moment when it finally arrives!


  • Lastly, it’s a chance to meet with your wedding party and discuss any final details. Again, we reiterate that everyone should be on the same page before the celebration starts!


Rehearsals are a great way to ensure your wedding day goes off without a hitch. Remember that at the Lavender Manor, every wedding includes a ceremony rehearsal.

Once you book our venue, we’ll call you 4 to 6 weeks before the big day and schedule an appointment. Expect the rehearsal to take place just 1 or 2 days before the wedding, so you’ll carry the excitement to the big day! But if you want, we can hold the rehearsal on the wedding day before everyone starts arriving; it’s entirely up to you.

The Lavender Manor is a luxurious wedding and event venue in Washington. You’ll find us helping couples like you celebrate weddings in Spokane, Deer Park, Post Falls, and the Coeur D’Alene area!

Booking our venue is the only thing you need to guarantee a successful wedding. How can we be so confident about this? Because our wedding packages take care of everything and allow you to enjoy a day that’s all about you!

Our friendly and experienced coordinators will ensure the entire experience is flawless. Our partner vendors will give you exceptional services that further make the day more memorable. Our venue will add beauty and charm to the entire wedding. These are just three of the many reasons why we’re so confident about Lavender Manor’s capabilities!

What matters to us the most is you realize your dream wedding. Everything will be perfect because you’ve rehearsed it, and our venue will provide everything else you need for the wedding. You can click here to learn more about our services.

We would be happy to help you plan the perfect rehearsal for your big day. So, go on and click here to contact us today!