This is often a challenging task for couples, so we would like to help. We always advise couples to start with booking a venue because every other vendor will work within or at the venue, so book a place first and then start from there. And the size of your guest list will help dictate the type of venue you’ll need to look for, so be mindful of that.

Once you’ve found the potential venue, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll distribute the tasks for your wedding between your vendors!



Create a Timeline of Events

Your officiant, caterer, florist, photographer, and other vendors will all play a part in making your wedding day perfect. So, it’s vital to find a way to divide the work between them that makes sense.

One way to do this is to create a timeline of the events that need to happen on your wedding day and then assign each vendor specific tasks based on their skill set.

For example, your officiant will help with your vows, rituals, rings and generally define how the ceremony flows. This, of course, means their presence is necessary.

Your photographer will need to be present for the ceremony and reception to capture the special moments, so they should be assigned to those parts of the day.

Your caterer will be there to set up food and serve guests, so assign them to that part of the day.

And your florist will add color as they set up decorations and floral arrangements, so they should be assigned to those parts of the day.


Assigning tasks in this way ensures that everyone has a chance to do their job properly and that no one is overloaded with work.

It also helps to avoid potential conflicts between vendors, as they will know exactly what their responsibilities are on your big day.


Wedding planners can be a great resource if you’re unsure where to start when distributing tasks between your vendors. They have experience coordinating all of the different moving parts of a wedding. So, they can help you create a timeline and assign tasks in a way that makes sense for your specific event.

Does all this sound overwhelming? Let us do this for you! Our years of experience planning weddings and our variety of partnered vendors will save you time and money.

Those are only two reasons you need to book the Lavender Manor for your wedding. And the other reasons?

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