Your Wedding Experience

Lavender Manor is the perfect venue for your Wedding

There are four ceremony sites to choose from during our peak season of May through October:

Ceremony Sites:

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Pemberley Park


Lady Catherine Place


Heartwood Forest


Brighton Hall


Details & Pricing

Transparent pricing and many custom options that range from simply renting the venue to all-inclusive options.

Package Details & Investment

Things you need to know

Catering:  We require licensed and insured caterers that provide staff that stays onsite through buffet/service set-up, dinner service & clean-up – note that we do offer catering services through a partner vendor; this is not required though it can be booked directly through us! We do not allow “self-catering” (family or friends bringing in and setting up your own food).

Bartenders: A Licensed & Insured Bartender is required if you serve any alcohol. We can provide this service or provide you with recommended vendors that fill this requirement.

Banquet Permit:  WA State Liquor Control Board Banquet Permit is a state requirement for the service of alcohol at a private event.

Alcohol:  We allow the service of Beer, Wine, Champagne, Wine Coolers, and Hard Seltzers. Hard liquor [ie. mixed drinks or shots] is not allowed on the property and all alcohol must be served by the licensed and insured bartender.

Music:  Music is allowed until 10:00 pm, which results in the latest departure time from the premise no later than 11:00 pm.

Wedding Rehearsal:  Each wedding includes a ceremony rehearsal.  Around 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding we will reach out to schedule this appointment.  Normally, this reservation will take place 1-2 days prior to your wedding. You also have the option of having the rehearsal the “day-of” upon arrival by adding it to the beginning of your day.

Setup & Cleanup:  We take care of setting up all Lavender Manor furniture and amenities prior to your arrival and teardown at the end of your night – including trash removal.  All you have to take care of is collecting and taking home your personal belongings, such as decor items you brought in, cleaning up in the Getting Ready Rooms, and your cards & gifts.

Inclement Weather:  We have inclement weather options ready to put in place so your event goes off without a need for concern. We watch the weather closely the week of the wedding and will reach out to you in advance if an immediate decision is necessary or simply gauge the situation.

Vendors:  For the additional services provided in our packages, we have partnered with specific vendors and we do require the use of those vendors through the package. For services not included in your package selection, we do not require the use of any specific vendors, however, we will share our Recommended Vendor List with you if desired! This list is compiled of all vendors we enjoy working with and believe provide the highest level of service for your event.

Insurance:  We require General Liability and Cancellation/Postponement Insurance policies – this is a benefit to you as it protects you from things out of your control.  We will provide recommendations for this requirement!

Booking Process:  To secure your date when booking Lavender Manor, you’ll need a booking fee and a signed contract. The booking fee amount is dependant on your package selection and is applied toward the overall balance.  All other funds are due no later than 4 months prior to your wedding date.